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Congratulations! Today MyTradeFx celebrates its 226th day online, and we would like to update you regarding our wonderful growth rate! In just 226 days online, MyTradeFx has managed to attract over 300 clients with over $36000 deposited and over $32000 that was withdrawn! Our growth rate is totally fantastic, and we are looking forward to continue serving everyone for the very long haul! We would like to thank you all for your enormous support, and rest assured, that we will do our best to make you very happy and satisfied! Please always continue to invite all your friends to MyTradeFx, promote and advertise the project everywhere you can on the Internet! Thank you very much and God bless you all!
For our greatest solidity and always continue to pay for all large investments we update some of our long term investment plans of 100 days as you can see in our news page, Telegram channel or in this image:
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In the withdrawals we decrease the rates for half the value:
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