The company Lda appreciates their active partners that help us develop and advance our company. As a thank you for each newly invited participant in the project, we charge referral commissions to their sponsors. In addition, if your invitees will also develop our company, you will also get even more bonuses for it! It is important to note that you can receive referral commissions + $10 having your own active Deposit, it is only necessary that the partner is registered on your link.

10 1ST

Let's say you invited a friend to the project, who opened a Deposit of $1000, for this you get $80, is not bad? What if there are 10 of them invited? Or 50? Your earnings on personally sponsored brand is not limited, it depends only on your activity. Our plan referral comission: 5 - 10%, 5% from +$10, 6% from +$200, 7% from +$500, 8% from +$1000, 9% from +$2000 & 10% from +$4000 to $10000, more info here:

1 2ND

You have invited the friend and have received for him the referral percent of 5 - 10%, however there is more to come possibilities of additional earnings on the referral program, if your friend invites one more partner in the project, you’ll receive 1% of the sum of his deposit to the account, at the same time this type of earnings is absolutely passive and depends only on activity of your direct referrals

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03 Invite partners to the project
04 Get unlimited earning opportunities
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